• New construction includes new builds and additions for any electrical needs.
  • Remodel includes adding any electrical needs to existing structures from lighting or any outlets needed also additional power.
  • Upgrades could be from making the home energy efficient to anything on your wish list you would like electrical.
  • Panel tune-up includes going through the electrical panel making sure all the connections are good and cleaning the panel making sure the breakers are working correctly and not worn out it also includes a whole home safety  inspection to make sure all the outlets and switches are working correctly and the smoke detectors also that everything is up code.
  • Panel upgrades includes replacing the electrical panel and breakers also bringing up to code.
  • Switches  and outlets would be from replacing a bad device to even just upgrading  the devices also do whole home replugging and switching.
  • Rewiring would include all new wire and circuits throughout to even adding circuits in the residence.
  • Lighting could be from changing the style of lighting to custom lighting.
  • Smoke  and co detectors should be replaced every 7-10 years could be from replacing a bad one to replacing all the detectors or adding ones were  needed.
  • Circuit breakers should be the correct manufacture to  the panel and if they are worn or outdated should be replaced to work  correctly.
  • Whole home surge protectors are installed at the main panel to protect surges throughout the home.
  • Ceiling fans include replacing a existing one to adding fans through out.
  • Trouble  shooting would include if there is a problem in the home as a plug not  working or a circuit not working would go through and find the problem  and come up with a solution.
  • Any electric needs could be any  thing that needs or wanted to be done electrically no job too small or  big we can take care of you.